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How to Write a Good Essay Fast

Writing a high caliber essay within 30 minutes to ace your SATS or your entrance exam should not be a source of stress for you. If you let that stress and panic get the best of you, you might end up submitting a mediocre output at best. So, relax. With these basic steps, you will surely be able to write a good essay in as little time as possible.

Understand the question clearly. If you really want to make your life easier in writing your essay, you must first get a clear and precise understanding of what you are required to write. Read the prompt carefully and more than once. In fact, reread it as often as you can until you get a full grasp of what you should write about. Knowing the topic and how to write about it will help you plan an organized and well-thought flow for your output.

Set a time limit for every step. Once you get a full understanding of what you are going to write about, you can then begin the process of writing your essay. You can start by setting a time limit. Say, you are given 30 minutes to write your essay. You can set 10 minutes to planning and outline your ideas. You can then spend 15 minutes to writing your essay and the remaining 5 in proofreading and finalizing your piece. Setting a time limit within the given time constraint will help you keep track with the time as well as help you keep the entire process as swift and as organized as possible.

Plan and make an outline. Before you even begin with writing your essay, you must first outline your ideas. Plan what to write and how to write your essay. What will be the main thesis of your essay? What supporting details do you need? How should your essay start? What ideas should be in the first paragraph? How about in the succeeding paragraphs? How will you conclude your essay? What should be your title? Having a plan on how to approach your essay and how to lay down your ideas will make it easier to organize your essay given a time constraint.

Tweak until perfect. It is a wonderful way to write down all your ideas in paragraphs. You don’t have to worry about the transitions for now. Just write down all your thoughts. After you are done, you can then start tweaking and reorganizing your ideas to make your essay flow seamlessly. Rearrange, summarize and rephrase any part you think lacks impact. Make sure your essay opens and closes seamlessly.

Make sure that you keep your calm when writing your essay. It is also best to keep a clear mind and to not let the pressure get to you. If you stress too much on your essay, you may end up unfocused which may cause grave repercussions on your work.

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